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At Akosha Swim, we draw inspiration from the timeless mystique and cultural richness discovered in the ancient wonders of the world, from the majestic pyramids of Egypt to the vibrant landscapes of Mexico. Our mission is to encapsulate the essence of these diverse and captivating journeys into every stitch, silhouette, and design, offering an eclectic fusion of heritage, innovation, and style. Through our creations, we aim to transcend borders, celebrating the beauty of global diversity while empowering individuals to express their unique identity with confidence and grace. Join us on a transformative voyage where fashion becomes a narrative of exploration, connecting hearts and minds across continents.


A girl opens up a copy of Vogue, and her heart races. In a moment, a young Anna Newsome discovers that with a little fabric and the right cut and curve, a woman could be transformed. From then on, she never wanted to look like anyone else, even if that meant she had to design it and make it herself. Though she may not have known it yet, Akosha was born in that sewing closet, where in the frigid winters of Oklahoma, Anna was dreaming of next year’s swimsuit season and how she could design just the right piece to be the hottest girl at the pool.

Though it began as a hobby, creating jaw-dropping swimwear quickly turned into a passion and then a calling. Anna moved to Florida to soak in the energy and aesthetics of beach life, and began to design in earnest. Always going against what’s easy, she dropped out of design school to cut her own path. Soon, her unique use of material and never before seen illusion cuts caught the eyes of the industry and she was invited to participate in swimwear’s biggest event, Miami Swim Week. 

With an intense drive to break the mold of beauty and luxury, Anna has consistently been an innovator in the fashion space. She is both a visionary and a collaborator who relies on a diverse and expert team to create designs that are unexpected, yet delightfully wearable. Now that she’s moved on from Florida and settled back to her roots, she’s discovered that the confidence of barely there sexiness that comes from wearing Akosha isn’t just found in south beach — it’s a state of mind that has no borders or boundaries. From dreaming, to sketching, to hand sewing embellishments just before it heads out of the studio, Anna embodies Akosha’s fun, inspiring and creative spirit. 

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